Dear Dr. Jayanto Mukherji & Dr. Shalini Mukherji, It was a nice experience when I first visited your Clinic about ten years back, and occasionally meeting both you during my transit stay at Mumbai. Myself and my wife Mrs. Uma Gupta enjoyed visiting your clinic because of the dental treatment and comfort given to us by both of you. Our Best Wishes to Both of you, and God Bless All of You.
Anup Gupta, CEO Adani Group

I have been a patient of Dr. Jayanto Mukherjee for a year and have nothing but the highest respect for him. He is a true visionary, an artist and a master of his chosen profession. His knowledge and expertise in the latest procedures of dentistry, his friendly nature and qualified staffs, create an atmosphere of relaxation and certainty that, as a patient, I am in good hands. He and his staff deeply care for each patient on all levels. The time and attention given is remarkable in this day and age. I gladly travelled an hour each way to get such care.
Debjani Roy

I always choose to come to Dr. Jayanto Mukherjee for all my dental needs because he is the best. His setup and the way he comforts his patients is amazing.Treatment wise there is no other doctor I would ever suggest for dental problems.
Devyani Bhattacharya

Visiting a dentist is a traumatic experience for most people! Childhood memories include painful dental appointments where our teeth were drilled, filled and extracted without the kind of technology at our disposal today! Psychosomatic conditions were the result of Dentist Phobia! Our fear only grew,as did we, because as adults we anticipated the pain long before we actually sat in the dentist's chair! So we procrastinated, dodged and evaded until we no more could, and then made that dreaded appointment! However everything changed for me and my family when we were introduced to the dental expertise of Dr. Jayanto and Dr. Shalini Mukherji and their team. From the moment you step into their clinic you can rest assured that you are in good hands, literally! Professionalism, polite staff, engaging chatter, great music, impeccable hygiene, the latest equipment and best of all, painfree treatment is what you will find here! Their pricing is moderate and for the service they offer, it's nothing! They even call before and after procedures to find out about their patients! It's five star treatment! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to both dentists and their team for changing one of life's most horrid experiences to a pleasant one, with their efficiency, caring and dedication to the field of modern dentistry!
Nilofer Rohira, Former F&B Manager Hotel President

All the members of my family have been consulting Dr. Jayanto Mukherjee for any dental problems for more than a decade. He is an expert dentist, he makes everone comfortable with his pleasant behavior. His clinic has most modern equipments for handling needs of all patients.Further his clinic is aesthetically furnished with very high level of hygiene standards. He has additional doctors and adequate trained staff to assist him. We wish him all the best.
BC roy, Marketing director BPCL

Dr. Rima is very polite and she makes the patient very comfortable. I had got few fillings done from Dr. Mukherjee's clinic and she was my doctor. It was a good experience..medicare thanks you for being such a wonderful doctor!
Somya Das

Dr.Mukherjee dental clinic is a pleasant place to go to.i have always felt extremely comfortable each time I need to go to the clinic for my dental requirements.The staff is efficient and great with appointments and most importantly I have never been made to wait for long hours which is vital in today's busy lifestyle.the system of updating clients through SMS service about appmts fixed makes it easier to remember and as well as keep appointment schedules. From service to hygenie and most of all dr.jayanto and dr.Mrs.shalini Mukherjee's pleasant personality and warmth to every patient keeps one at ease and definitely a household name for any dental issues!
Reetika Chatterjee

A visit to the dentist is not what most people look forward to, but for me it has always been the contrary for Dr. Mukherjee and Dr. Singh are always so cheerful. More so, in their expert care one is completely relaxed. Luckily, I have been blessed with 32 good little friends, but I have been able to keep them 'rot-free' thanks to Dr. Mukherjee's advice. What I also specially appreciate about this dental clinic is that one never feels pressurised to undergo unecessary treatments, more specially it is more patient oriented and not commercially inclined. Lastly, it is so easy to get appointments and the flexible timings are also a blessing, not to mention the little reminder sms we get before every appointment.
Roshan Bourget